Connect with your travellers and profit through 21st century tech 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to increase customer satisfaction and revenue at the same time? By becoming a partner hotel, you can do exactly that.

Online Check-in:

You eliminate queues and customer impatience. It also provides a more detailed profile of your future guests. Make people happy, and greet them by name even before they’ve walked through the door.

City Guide: Congrats! You are now a mobile concierge. Create your own guides; make your own recommendations, and help guide your guests while they are out on the town.

Messaging and Multilingual:

Make guests feel more relaxed. Now, they have a direct (and painless) line to any department at any time.

Services and Hotel Directory:

The Navigator highlights all the different services that your hotel has to offer and makes them directly orderable from a mobile device. There’s no easier way to increase your revenue!

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