Your Complete Travel Organiser

When you're planning your trip, selecting the right hotel depends on a lot of factors: location, price, your personal style, the amenities you need to make the most of your stay, the services you need access to and more. Then, to make matters more difficult, you still need to learn how to navigate a new city: booking restaurants, finding bars, discovering sites and searching out all those can’t-be-missed activities. 

We believe that you shouldn’t have to miss out on great experiences just because the amount of research can be time-consuming, daunting and, not to mention, mind-numbingly boring.

That’s why we’ve decided to try and do it all for you! We’ve built you a virtual concierge—an app that lets you communicate seamlessly with your hotel while simultaneously acting as a personalised viewpoint to whatever city you’re in. No matter the length of your trip, whether it is a short break, a cultural escape or business-related, your Navigator will be the helpful guide that makes sure you never miss a beat.